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This is our Dog Bosun he was an lovey dog and was an best mate he had been geting ill for some time we had been going up and down to see the vet in 2017 we had been told he had got dog dementia yes not the same as us adults can get he was only sleeping all the time in the day time and was wake at night all night so as he was going to get worse over time we had to make the hard thing to do so on the 11th of may 2017 At 12Am he was put to sleep at the vets were he had been going for the rest of his life yer it was an sad day but befor that day i set up Radio Bosun in his memery so please help us keep going we love dogs and music and i know an lot of you lot do

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diaper cakes
diaper cakes

As you can tell he loved his dayl walks and an lovey dog

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